A downloadable game for Windows


You wake up in a space ship. Aliens created you to collect and deliver resources for them. You fall to the planet on a drop pod, which is also the teleportation platform for the resources. Excavate, build, farm, and even trade to find a way to free yourself.

A procedural sandbox game with a focus on: fun, gameplay for multiple types of players, clear tutorialisation and guiding information, and motivational goals to work towards.

to aim
W A S D to walk
Space Bar to jump
Left Shift to run
Left Ctrl to crouch
E pressed to pick up, E held to drag (un-excavated terrain is locked)
Q pressed to drop held item, Q pressed and held to throw held item
Left Mouse Button to activate primary item use, also to click buttons
Right Mouse Button to activate secondary item use
F to open inventory
Tab to toggle dragged object angle and position snapping
C to switch camera perspective
Scroll Wheel to cycle between inventory items
Esc to pause and show pause menu
F1 to toggle HUD off or on
F11 to toggle full-screen off or on

The quality options currently do not work, though the chunk load diameter does

Quitting the game opens a browser page with a feedback form

Install instructions

Double click the installer and select where you would like the game files to be installed. Then click Extract.

The game and files will already be in a folder named ASPIRE.


ASPIRE_Installer.exe 107 MB


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game doesnt launch.  after it extracts everything nothing happens and when you click on launch from itch again it just runs the extraction again

Hi Voltage_MD. That makes sense. The downloaded file extracts the game files. Find those files in file explorer and execute (double click) the game there. Using the Itch.io launch method won't work. Message me if you still can't get it to work. Thank you!