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SKULLION is a 2D split-screen 1v1 multiplayer game where you and a friend next to you fly triangles and battle over crystals.

The goal of the game is to bring at least two of the three crystals to your goal.
(You already win if you score two out of three crystals)

Fly, shoot, ram, boost, push and pull your way to victory against the person next to you because you both are playing together using one keyboard and one game!


Player 1 (Left player)
Thrust: W
Turning: A and D
Boost up & push away: Left SHIFT
Shoot: F

Player 2 (Right player)
Thrust: UP arrow key
Turning: LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys
Boost up & push away: Right CTRL
Shoot: NUMPAD 1 (Numlock on)
Pull: NUMPAD 0 (Numlock on)

Controls can not be rebound, if you don't have a numpad on your keyboard then it might be possible to use macros as a workaround/fix.


I made this game as an experiment to see if I could make a game with split-screen.

This game was made using the GDevelop engine, this allowed me to create this game without needing to know how to program.

This game was made only by me, Roel Hamersma, in about 3 days.

The game is unlikely to be improved or updated but even a small donation can convince me to update the game.

Features I would add if I would continue development

- I would change the art to be a overgrown industrial theme
- Bug fixes if there are any to be done
- More user friendly features such as rebindable keys and a fullscreen option
- Iterating to improve the user experience and polish the gameplay
- More levels, better level design

These features are all within a one week scope and I have the time and experience to implement them if wanted.


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